Pink Lotus Petals Blooming A Cure For Women In Need  

Our Cause

Breast cancer affects 1 in every 8 women, yet many of them are uninsured, underprivileged and unable to pay for their own health care. Pink Lotus Petals, a Los Angeles based nonprofit, provides free screening, diagnosis, surgical treatment and post-surgical treatment to women who are medically uninsured and are unable to pay for such care on their own behalf due to financial hardship, socio-economic circumstances and other emergencies.

A Different Approach

Breast cancer awareness has resulted in hundreds of millions in donations to charities just in the United States alone. However, these funds have been almost exclusively applied to research for a future cure of the disease while treatment of patients with life-threatening conditions who need immediate treatment today has been largely ignored. Pink Lotus Petals believes that saving women today is just as critical as searching for a future cure. Every woman deserves a right to treatment regardless of socio-economic status and financial condition.

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